Royal Literary Fund Fellowship

st_marys_medIn 2012, I was delighted to be awarded a Fellowship from the Royal Literary Fund.  The aim of the Fellows is to use their skills as professional writers to help other people write better, no matter the subject or purpose.  At the same time, the Fund hopes to finance breathing space for writers. We are parachuted in to universities and colleges and work, part-time, in complete confidence, independently of the academic staff, in one-to-one tutorials with our students.  We may chose – and I have  done so – to teach additional lectures or workshops, but these are strictly voluntary.   I was offered three different institutions and chose St Mary’s University College, Twickenham.  My reasons at the time were frivolously personal.  I could get there easily, travelling against the rush-hour flow, and could even walk there along the Thames. Who would have thought that frivolity could end up being so rewarding?

I am delighted that the Fellowship has been renewed for a second year (2013-2014).  (We are allowed a maximum of two years at any particular institution.)