Something Understood with BBC 4

bbc_4_medSomething Understood is a BBC Radio 4 discussion show.  I wrote and presented the first two programs in 2008-2009: The Animal Inside and Bridges. A third episode, Side Effects, was broadcast on Radio 4 in July, 2011. I did my own research, carried out and recorded interviews. For Side Effects, the delightful writer, Simon Brett became a generous new acquaintance. [insert weblink] An old friend, the oncert violinist Ruth Waterman, shared her experiences of conducting and playing in Mostar. (See also her book, ‘When Swan Lake Comes to Sarajevo.)

I also had to search my musical knowledge for just the right piece of music to make my point, from reindeer csllers, via Count Basie and ‘howlin’ wolf’ to Rautevara. And dug deep into my literary memory for apposite poetry and readings. I also had wonderful help from my producers at Falling Tree, who edited it all into coherence. [insert web link for Falling Tree]. These programmes gave me an exiting chnce to take an idea out to play and were the best kind of creative collaboration.