Beer Diva

BeerOperaPerformed at the Sydney Opera House Studio, Sydney, Australia, May, 2010. (Producer: Joshua Waldhorn) Working in collaboration with the Beer Diva herself, who was also the chief performer, I wrote this script for a performance piece that included animation, live performance, on-stage musicians and audience beer tastings.  [insert web link to Beer Diva]  The audience sat at cabaret-style tables while the Beer Diva led them through an entertaining history of brewing and the tasting of five different styles of beer. Her message:  beer is more fun when you drink it with discrimination.

As part of my ‘research’ I had to taste a lot of beer (which I love) and learned to take beer as seriously as wine.  Stout and chocolate cake is only one food-beer mating I discovered.  Seldom does a writing project cater  so indulgently to a writer’s greedy self!

A shortened version of the show continues to tour in Australia.

The Beer Diva was the first woman ever invited to be a judge at the Real Beer Festival at Earl’s Court in London.