New Novel For Young Adults

I’ve been secretly working for most of the spring on a novel for young adults, Fur Beneath the Skin and  delivered it to my agent at the beginning of August, two days before leaving for Edinburgh.  It’s about being different, feeling different, sometimes without knowing why.  A group of young 17th century outsiders are in danger because of their differences.  Among them are a real werewolf and a real changeling – not fantasy ones (and I think I’ve uncovered what they might really be). Then they fall into the hands of a doctor of science who wants to dissect them alive to learn how they are different from ordinary people. But they also have real special powers that did, and still do today, go with their ‘specialness’.

‘…today, we would call in the social services or the police….’  ‘It might be someone you know.  It might be you.’

Before I say more,  I’d like to know what you think of the title. Is it intriguing? Would you pick it up in a shop or library?  The itch of the ideas in this book would not go away, and the business of my adult historical novel, Quicksilver [described under ‘Books], felt unfinished and too important to drop. The story is still historical but crosses the boundary with fantasy, except that in my book, the magic is real – like the supposed werewolf. As always, I’ve fallen in love with my main characters, Rafe and Kat, and hope to get a commission for a sequel so that I won’t have to say ‘good-bye’ to them just yet. Or to any of the others.
Your thoughts on the title, please!